Why Commerce Needs to be Ready for Mobile

Commerce needs to be ready for mobile. Here’s why.

Mobile commerce is set for some pretty big growth in 2015. More shoppers than ever are relying solely on mobile devices these days, and mobile is at a point of permeating nearly every facet of consumers’ lives, from socialization to fitness to shopping.

It all comes down to the consumer

Smartphone and tablet adoption by older consumers has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. Younger consumers are already unbelievably tech savvy, and more of them are coming of age in terms of buying power. And thanks to the whole “omnichannel” buzzword craziness of the past few years, consumers of all ages are becoming accustomed to having amazing mobile experiences.

They can check inventory levels on mobile and do in-store pickup.
They can order via mobile and have it delivered really quickly, sometimes even the same day.
They can go from phone to tablet to desktop and have the same experience on each device.

And the mobile experience isn’t just confined to customers shopping on their phones or tablets — over 65% of shopppers use their phones while in a brick-and-mortar retail store. Proactive companies realize this and have come up with some creative ways to attempt to bridge the gap between in-store and mobile. And with the likely rise of wearable technology (Apple Watch being one of the newest and most anticipated entrants), mobile is only set to become more intertwined with the in-store experience.

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