We are driven by understanding your business needs, passionate about data, and inspired by user insights. Echidna is an eCommerce agency that delivers end-to-end eCommerce solutions, from Design to Technology to Marketing.

UX & Design

We believe that an in-depth understanding of your target audiences -- their informational needs, primary goals, online & offline tasks, and behavior -- is key to developing an effective business strategy, successful online tactics, and ultimately an intuitive & compelling User Experience. The recipe for a successful UX addresses customers' real goals, develops a coherent personality, and engages a mix of senses.

Web Marketing

By building long-term partnerships, we deliver digital marketing solutions that consistently achieve outstanding results.

Multi-Channel Strategy planned and executed to meet the needs of your business and customers.

Target Audience Identification and uncovering of insights to define the marketing plan.

Search Marketing designed to achieve tangible results for your business

Data Driven Social Media Marketing that engages with your audience and amplifies your brand.

Content Marketing to attract current and potential customers during the decision making process.

Every campaign is driven by connecting with your target audience for sustainable growth.

As a full service agency, we do this and more by calling on a breadth of knowledge, experience, and expertise.

eCommerce Optimization

In an ever-evolving eCommerce marketplace, converting visitors to customers is a rising challenge. Transformative changes to a website are a thing of the past, and companies are tasked with uncovering insights to increase revenue. The strategy for the future is incremental change and continual optimization.

How do you currently assess where the best opportunities lie? Is your website delivering tangible results for sustainable growth? At Echidna we offer the technical expertise that will enable your organization to maximize ROI from your digital assets with our optimization services.

Optimization Strategy

Measurement & Analytics

A/B Testing

Behavioral Targeting


Front End Dev

At Echidna, you get complete user interface solutions specialized in web, tablet, mobile and responsive UX development services. In this fast changing technological world, we understand the importance of UX engineering. Using the the latest and diverse technologies, we develop enterprise and consumer solutions for web, tablet, and mobile environments. We cater to different types of user interfaces, eCommerce portals, and mobile applications.






Echidna provides end-to-end technology solutions. We excel with deep expertise in several core platforms and broad expertise across many technologies. Our consistent focus on process improvements and technology R&D results in continuous efficiency improvements and quick deployment of new capabilities. Whether your project is a lift-and-shift, a re-design, ongoing maintenance & enhancements, or a brand new thing, we’ve got you covered.


At Echidna, we combine technical expertise with an intimate knowledge of eCommerce retailing to improve your business. With our data driven discovery process, our multi-channel strategy is planned and executed to secure strategic results. We identify your target audience and uncover insights to define your eCommerce and marketing roadmap.

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