The Challenge

Showing returns on eCommerce investments has become more and more challenging. Multiple channels, an over-exposed audience, and a highly competitive marketplace means organizations have to become more and more creative (as well as scientific) in their approach to meet their targets. In-house digital marketing teams have developed capabilities over the years, but they still lack the specialization that a digital agency can offer. However, most specialized digital agencies are beyond the reach of mid-sized retailers, or they don't provide customized, end-to-end services.

At Echidna, we offer end-to-end marketing and optimization services. We combine technical expertise with intimate knowledge of eCommerce retailing and a passion to improve your business. Our services are focused towards improving your ROI, and that's how we measure success.

How Can Echidna Help?

We put a human face to data, calling out trends and insights in a way businesses can understand and take action on. We're also affordable. Our services are designed to be cost effective and to maximize returns on your marketing dollars.

Our Optimization Expertise

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