Echidna Minneapolis eCommerce Agency, Recapping 2015 and Looking to 2016

Hear where Echidna’s been, and where it’s going.

We sat down with Adam Roozen, CEO at Echidna. He gave us a little insight on how 2015 went for Echidna, along with what’s coming up in 2016.

Have a look at the video (or conversation below the video), and keep checking back as we continue to post more content in 2016.


Luke: Go back to a year ago today: What was Echidna looking to accomplish at that point in time?
Adam: We had three goals for 2015. One was to launch our digital marketing services and our optimization services. Our second was to increase our credibility on the selected eCommerce platforms that we focus on, and the third was to continue to improve our workplace environment and become an even better place to work.

L: How well did Echidna do in terms of reaching those goals?
A: I was happy with all three of them. On the first one, we were able to launch both our digital marketing services as well as our optimization services and have several clients onboarded and running successful programs. We were also able to continue to develop our expertise and our experience on our selected eCommerce platforms and add a lot of talent around those. And while we’re never at the finish line for becoming a great, amazing place to work, we made some great progress last year.

L: So how would you say you feel about Echidna’s 2015 as a whole?
A: It was a really good year, it was really fun, it was really exciting — we broke a lot of our own records, from number of account to revenue to client satisfaction and amount of expertise and experience that we have on our preferred eCommerce platforms. And I think the whole team had a lot of fun.

L: Any particularly exciting projects that clients asked Echidna to help them with in 2015?
A: Yeah, there are three in particular that really stood out. One was for one of our clients, Boathouse Sports, which needed an eCommerce system that allowed them to launch hundreds and potentially thousands of microsites and client sites in a very, very short amount of time. We were able to build them a system where they could launch new sites within an hour or a couple hours each. Our second really exciting project was for a client called Lewk — L E W K — which is a young company getting involved in the apparel subscription business, which is a really exciting new industry that we were really excited to get involved with. And the third was really around mobile apps. There hasn’t been a lot of activity over the last few years in general around commerce-specific mobile applications, and we were able to get a couple of those launched that have great reviews in the marketplaces, and we’re really excited to continue that progress as well.

L: What does Echidna have in store for 2016?
A: Yeah, I think for us the most exciting part about 2016 is the talent that we’re bringing to the table. We’re continuing to grow our team and to grow the experience that we bring to our clients and add a lot more value.

L: Fast forward to a year from now: What goals do you hope to have accomplished by then?
A: One goal that will continue to stay on our strategic roadmap is continuing to improve the workplace environment and continuing to be a great place to work, so that’s going to be there as well. And second is to refresh our brand positioning in our industry. We have a lot of experience, a lot of expertise, and we don’t always do a great job of telling that story. So we’re spending a lot of energy this year being better at telling that story and taking credit for the amount of experience and credibility that we have in the industry.

L: Any big industry trends you see coming in 2016?
A: Absolutely. There are two obvious ones and one not-so-obvious one. The obvious ones are around continued shift in spending from offline to online channels, both from a consumer purchasing behavior, and also from a retailer’s spending behavior. And along with that comes enhanced expectations around user experiences related to mobile and tablet devices. A lot of consumers are shifting to increased usage on mobile and tablet, and the expectations of that design and that flow are growing every year. The not-so-obvious one is around digital use in-store. It’s been a topic for at least a decade around omnichannel, multi-channel, digital in-store — all these different terms — and the rubber’s finally hitting the road, and we’re seeing a lot of companies — along with one we’ve partnered with, Syntap — that are revolutionizing the space and trying to really figure out what does it mean to add a meaningful digital experience in a brick-and-mortar location.

L: Final thoughts?
A: We had a great year in 2015. Our team, our clients, our partners — all were a part of that success, and we’re looking forward to 2016 as well. We feel like we’re very well positioned in our area of expertise, having a really,really heavy focus on the new age of eCommerce platforms that are really the next era in our industry. And we think it’s gonna be a fantastic year.

Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
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