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Video: Boost Improves the User Experience

I spoke with Michael Braun about Boost, a proprietary continuous experience improvement program at Echidna. Watch the video for the full conversation, or read through it below the video.

Luke: To start off, give a brief introduction of yourself.
Michael: I’m Michael Braun. I’m the head of user experience here at Echidna. Our team creates delightful solutions for our clients. We consist of User Researchers, Information Architects, and Visual Designers.

L: What is Boost?
M: Boost is a continuous optimization program that we’ve built here at Echidna for our clients. Through user research, information architecture, visual design, and site analytics, we create better experiences for our clients.

L: So how does the Boost process work?
M: Our process for Boost is, we take the current experience, we look through that experience using analytics, we take best practices in the user experience realm — whether it be your searching, your browsing, your checkout — and we fine-tune all those flows, and we manifest that into a visual approach. We comp that up for our clients, show them what the end result would or could be, and then we prioritize those comps. By prioritizing those comps, we can do A/B testing and do incremental improvements. The beauty of Boost is that many, many clients end up doing redesigns and it takes them 2-4 years — you know, these large-scale implementations. What we’re saying is, we can do incremental improvements over time and you can actually see results on a quarterly basis, instead of every three years. And this is really beneficial to doing good things with your site.

L: What exactly does a client receive with Boost?
M: The client receives visual design comps that represent the most optimal flow from our research and findings. These comps are then prioritized to be put into their development cycle and updated into their actual experience. The outcome is a better user experience.

L: What’s your favorite aspect of Boost?
M: With Boost, what we find is that many clients don’t realize the gravity or the breadth of their experience. Many times, we’re showing them a lot of pieces of the experience that aren’t used effectively, or could be used more effectively. So through collaboration, we find some really fun and interesting aspects of their experience that we can improve upon.

Interested in Boost? Learn more or request a demo here!

Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
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