UX & Design

UX & Design Approach


Informing our work with experience evidence

Get specific.

By researching customer experiences
across time periods and identifying
specific steps for key tasks.


Then, we quantify and qualify results.


Organize and relate information in a way that simplifies how people navigate and use content

Analyze assumptions.

We assess the needs of the business, its
business strategy, and its end users. Then,
we assess content types, language and volume.

Business Intent
User Intent
Organize Content
Enable Information Relationships
Provide Navigation

Finally, organize the structural design
with effective design patterns.

Then, get tactical.

Visual &
Interaction Design

Delight & engage the user while providing intuitive & progressive visual cues

Define how users can interact with the interface.

We define what users can touch, click and drag, while providing visual clues about behavior that need to be exposed before actions are taken. Each element must have a purpose, making the experience simple and intuitive and improving learnability.

What users can do with their mouse, finger or stylus
Give users clues about behavior before actions are taken
Anticipate and mitigate errors
Consider system feedback & response time
Strategically think about each element
Simplify for learnability

Then we apply design principles like unity, gestalt, space,
heirarchy, balance, contrast, scale, dominance and similarity.

Then, apply design principles.

UX & Design Services

User Research

UX Workshop

UX Analysis

User Studies

User Testing

User Journey


Responsive Multi-Device Design

Web & Native App Design


We believe that an in-depth understanding of your target audiences, their informational needs, primary goals, online & offline tasks, and behavior is key to developing an effective business strategy, successful online tactics, and ultimately an intuitive & compelling user experience.

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