Tool King Tonzof Mozu Site Launch

The retailer known as Tool King has rebranded itself as Tonzof, and it has a slick new Mozu eCommerce site to go along with the new identity.

Although the rebranding plans were announced last year, Tonzof just recently launched its new website on the Mozu platform.

Not just for tools anymore

Tool King was founded in Denver, Colorado in the 1970s, and as you might have guessed, they sold tools. While tools are still a part of the company’s offerings today, they are simply that — a part. Having expanded way beyond just tools, the rebranding definitely makes sense. And in case you’re curious, Tonzof comes from the phrase “tons of,” which is a reflection of the variety of products sold through the website (the selection includes everything from sporting goods to beauty products to electronics to appliances to office supplies to… you get the picture).

The best is yet to come is still in the public beta stage of its launch, so it’s not quite finalized yet, but it certainly gives a taste of what’s possible on the relatively new Mozu eCommerce platform. As with any newly launched site, there are surely going to be some bugs to work out, but with its ever-expanding base of suppliers and selection of products, Tonzof looks like it could be a promising new place to shop (or sell, if you’re a merchant). Check out the screenshot below, and feel free to check out the actual site as well. New Site

Echidna Team
Echidna Team
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