Bringing Boring Brands to Life

Think your brand or product is too boring to ever be cool? Think again.

Whether your company is in the B2B space or just selling what might be considered lackluster products, you don’t have to succumb to the sad fate of remaining just another boring brand. We realize that not every company has the luxury of selling cool or sexy products, but a number of B2B or otherwise “boring” brands have proven that with a little creativity, any brand can become interesting, fun, and unique. Here are a few ways they’ve done so:

Focus on social engagement

Some of the biggest companies in the world also have the disadvantage of being what most would consider boring. Let’s look at General Electric and Siemens as two prime examples of that. Both are huge conglomerates, so first of all, it’s not even clear what exactly they do, as they have their hands in all sorts of pots. But typically, both companies are heavily associated with science and engineering. Nothing says fun like turbines and motors, right? Yet despite this inherent disadvantage on the fun front, both companies have preened their social feathers and grown strong followings on platforms such as Facebook. Check out either of their Facebook pages, and you’ll see interesting graphics and videos that convey their products in a cool manner, emphasizing the technology aspect of their products. And apparently, it works, at least in terms of garnering a base of interactive consumers.

Create something that’s tied to your product in a unique and cool way

This one’s a little more obscure, and it could take a ton of different forms. But the example we’ll look at is with Post-it Notes from 3M. It’s a pretty mundane product — pieces of paper with a bit of adhesive on the top of one side. At first glance, it seems like there isn’t much you could do to spice things up with something like that. But 3M got creative, thought outside of the box, and decided to create a mobile app that lets consumers digitize their physical Post-it Notes. It’s a completely free app that provides immense value to the end-user, and it even drives more sales for 3M in the process as it encourages people to use its product. Thanks in large part to its creativity, the app was even recently highlighted as one of the best new apps in the Apple App Store.

Post-it Plus App Boring Brand to Cool and Exciting

When all else fails, be quirky

Sometimes, being different in a borderline-weird way is a great strategy, especially if your category or industry is typically perceived as being dry. Take bottled water for example. For the most part, bottled water is bottled water — about as dry (or wet) as you can get. And while you can buy more expensive bottled water and try to convince yourself that it tastes better, it’s still water at the end of the day. One particular company, though, has taken an interesting approach: instead of keeping the focus on water, Fred Water has gone the route of creating a unique, flask-shaped bottle, and they’ve subsequently grown a base of loyal customers, as evidenced by their nearly 9,000 Facebook fans. Sure, Dasani might have 350,000, but they’re also trying for the social engagement deal just like GE and Siemens with what is likely a slightly larger marketing budget. The core nature of the brand is really what sets Fred Water apart. This really shows itself if you look at the comments on each page, where you’ll find Dasani’s page littered with comments such as “Your sparkling apple water tastes like shampoo…” and Fred Water’s page sprinkled with user-submitted photos of customers flaunting their flasks.

Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
Luke once aspired to be a zoologist and first read of the elusive echidna when he was just a young boy. Feel free to email him with any questions related to marketing.