Target and Google Create In-Store Mobile Experience for the Holidays

Target and Google are spreading holiday cheer this season, one mobile experience at a time.

Our own hometown retail giant, Target, has collaborated with the minds over at Google to create a unique mobile experience for customers in stores this holiday season.

Shoppers are using smartphones in-store

Target rolled out the new in-store mobile experience this month to tap into the 75% of holiday shoppers that intend to use their smartphones in-store this year. And while a lot of other retailers have followed a certain formula when it comes to mobile experiences, what Target is really aiming for here is simply a unique and fun experience for shoppers to help ease the stress of holiday shopping. And in the spirit of the season, Target is even giving $1 to the St. Jude Children’s Research hospital for each game played.

Speaking of the games, there are six in all, and the entire experience is called Bullseye’s Playground (Bullseye, or Spot, is Target’s dog mascot). To get into the games, shoppers just have to go to on their phone, and as shoppers move through a Target store, they’ll find new codes that unlock different characters, games, and levels.
Bullseye's Playground Target In-store Mobile Shopping Experience Holiday
The full results of Bullseye’s Playground have yet to be seen, but it’s clear that Target has built an in-store mobile experience that is vastly different from any of its competitors’. If you make it to a Target this holiday season, be sure to try out Bullseye’s Playground, and share your experience in our comments section below!

Dave Haase
Dave Haase
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  • There’s only one number that matter’s in Google’s announcement (they really didn’t announce it on the blog I saw): $650. Yep, high cost just like the rest of the phones out there. Very disappointing. The Nexus line was AWESOME in that they were so affordable. Now, if you’re not interested in buying the current the latest tech, you’re paying in the same price as those “elitist” or “rich” Apple users.Well, Google is playing a good job.

    Phonegap android

    • Thanks for the comment, although we weren’t talking about the Nexus line! Maybe the mockup of the app in use on the Nexus 5 brought the Nexus line to your mind? But we have to agree with you — the Nexus 6 has broken the trend of super affordable, high-end Android devices that have made up the Nexus line in the past.

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