Outsourced Marketing Benefits Profitability

These are testing times for business owners.

As a medium-size business owner, you’re probably trying to plan for tomorrow while simultaneously having to put out fires today. You might be questioning your existing marketing plans, figuring out what you need to change, and even identifying things you need to do away with altogether. Unsure of how you can be sure of success, you’re just trying to meet the high expectations to perform that face you every day.

This is where outsourced marketing comes in. An outsourced marketing firm (such as Echidna) can help take the marketing load off your back, allowing you to channel your energy back into what you do best — your core business. As a smaller company, your focus on the core is what will really drive your growth in the market.

Not convinced that outsourcing your marketing would be beneficial? Here are just a few examples of the benefits it can give you:

• Access to industry expertise and proven best practices in digital marketing
• Cost and efficiency savings and scalability
• Provision against peaks and troughs of work-flow
• Protection against in-house staffing shortages
• Greater financial flexibility through reduced fixed costs
• Freedom to focus on new initiatives
• Improved quality of marketing
• Competitive advantage over rivals who try to use DIY marketing
• Greater control for you: we only keep your business if we match your expectations
• Measurable, data-driven results

And all of these add up to mean…

Sharper focus: Our clients are able to focus on creating and refining the product, building support structures, and evolving their brands, while we focus on promotion.
Fully integrated marketing: By allowing an external team to define your audience and coordinate various forms of communication, you’ll end up with a communication plan that’s thematically unified. All your communications flow through one pipe, integration is better achieved, and brand/communication remains consistent.
Specialist treatment: We don’t just divide work up between a bunch of generalists; instead, we allocate specific jobs to specific team members who specialize in distinct areas of expertise, thereby ensuring quality.
No more media/discipline bias: Our marketing plans are customer-centric and represent the core of your company, unlike others that would simply reflect the personality of some ad or PR agency.
External, objective ideation: While an internal team might be hesitant to rock the boat, our marketing team isn’t afraid of suggesting radical ideas and bringing fresh and objective insights to share.
Consistent momentum: With unpredictable economic fluctuation, key personnel may elect to change jobs in the middle of company projects. The loss of time spent finding and training replacement staff can threaten critical deadlines. When you choose to outsource marketing, you have one centralized team as your reliable, permanent partner.

We essentially become your marketing team, thinking and acting as an integrated partner. We constantly help define, refine, and execute your marketing strategy, all as if we were your internal marketing team sitting right down the hall.

Interested in partnering with us to ramp up your marketing efforts? Feel free to shoot us a message!
Ranjana Sharma
Ranjana Sharma
Ranjana is a customer-centric and ROI driven marketing and customer experience professional with significant experience in omnichannel marketing internationally. Feel free to email her with any questions related to retail and marketing.