Oracle ATG Commerce Development

Built on a foundation of proven capabilities, including personalization, business user control, cross-channel support, and a flexible platform, Oracle ATG commerce boosts your cross-channel business growth. The advanced features of Oracle ATG help your customers quickly find desired products, learn about new offerings, comparison shop, register for gifts, preorder products, redeem coupons, and easily complete their purchases.

Oracle ATG commerce enables you to deliver an engaging, consistent, and coordinated customer experience across all channels, including web, contact center, mobile device, kiosk, or store.

The Oracle ATG commerce platform allows the most complex digital businesses to innovate in real-time with market changes and expand quickly and easily to new touch points and geographies.

Oracle ATG Commerce
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In partnership with Professional Access - a platinum Oracle ATG commerce service provider - Echidna has a track record of successful Oracle ATG commerce projects. We strive to engage and delight your customers by providing best-in-class experiences across multiple devices and channels.
Oracle ATG Feature List

Increase conversions, ensure ongoing loyalty. Oracle ATG commerce helps you personalize the customer journey by creating individualized sites and relevant product content, along with personalized search. Optimize execution with tailored recommendations and provide assistance with relevant answers at the time of need. Maximize engagement by increasing agility through merchandising and site administration, delivering a personalized brand experience, and leveraging social data in the process.

B2B Module

Build a world-class B2B eCommerce site with the advanced online selling, merchandizing, personalization, and dynamic targeting capabilities of Oracle ATG.

Adaptive Scenario Engine

Oracle ATG enables you to choreograph customer interactions to drive pre-designed dialogues for a personalized customer experience.

Unified Multisite Architecture

Share commerce and personalization resources, including content and components, between eCommerce sites with Oracle ATG.

Data Anywhere Architecture

Accelerate integrations and minimize integration costs with Oracle ATG's flexible architecture.

ATG Commerce Reference Store

A customizable, pre-built storefront with the latest in eCommerce best practices.

Best-in-Class Search and Guided Navigation

Superior search ensures that visitors receive the most relevant results through transparent relevance rank controls, thesaurus, and keyword redirection. Guided navigation dynamically summarizes results based on available metadata so visitors can more effectively refine and explore information.

Advanced Segments and Targeted Content

Target high value groups with select products and promotions. Define segments based on demographics or on-site behavior. Use profile attributes to quickly place customers into segments

Reporting and Big Data Analytics

Fully integrated with interactive big data analytics capabilities that monitor and analyze commerce and customer behavior, providing insight into key metrics and customer activity.

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