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What’s the business discovery process, and why do you need it?

You might have heard the term “discovery” thrown around when it comes to business planning and strategy, and you might just think it’s an agency’s way of making a few extra bucks. And while that might be true for some agencies, at Echidna, we use the discovery process to truly inform the rest of the project, resulting in better long-term outcomes for our clients. In short, we’re strong believers in the discovery process and the benefits it brings to our clients. Below is a general overview of our discovery process.

Echidna’s discovery process

The thought behind our discovery process is to begin a project by doing a deep dive analysis of our client’s data. This is done prior to writing a roadmap or building out a list of functional requirements — those elements will ultimately be better created after having gone through the discovery process.

So before doing anything else, we work to understand the data and uncover insights to fully inform our plan. During the discovery phase, we complete the following:

  • a competitive analysis to see our client’s competitors’ online market share, uncovering areas of opportunity for our client in the process
  • an audit of our client’s digital assets and website, including page rank and SEO
  • identification of target market/s, buyers, and influencers throughout the space
  • recommendations for social media platforms, digital advertising and SEO

On the UX and development side, we’re able to identify requirements and a figure out the true cost of a replatform or redesign. We create customer journey maps and uncover user insights, ultimately making the rest of the project process much smoother. It’s typical for a redesign or replatform project to carry a few surprises, but through our discovery process, we can mitigate most of these.
The thought is that by doing discovery, we’ll better understand our client’s business needs, setting the stage for well-defined business goals and timelines, and ultimately creating a long-term partnership.

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Sara Marino
Sara Marino
Sara ran her own boutique marketing agency for years before joining Echidna. She enjoys walking through the Minneapolis Skyway System for hours at a time. Feel free to email her with any questions related to digital marketing.