Mozu eCommerce Platform

We’re pretty pumped about the newest enterprise commerce platform, Mozu.

Mozu spawned from Volusion roots and is targeted at the enterprise market. That means more performance, better commerce tools, and more. Check out Mozu’s website for all of the specifics.

Why Echidna loves Mozu – SaaS

The promise of software as a service (SaaS) eCommerce is pretty simple: out of the box system optimization and performance. The idea is that 80% of what is needed in an eCommerce site is the same from one customer to another. So — with a SaaS platform you can standardize and optimize these features across thousands of customers’ sites. Pretty awesome, right?

Mozu has done this quite well – as you know commerce is constantly changing. Mozu is ahead of the curve in terms of available widgets (social, payment, email integration, etc.) and also more advanced usability on the back-end. It’s the easiest platform we’ve ever seen in terms of back-end administration. What that means for you is less money spent having your agency push a new catalog live, and more control of your content and promotions.

Sound too good to be true? Well, here’s the “catch”: standardizing a platform can mean less customization ability to get to 100% of what you need.


The issue with focusing on the 80% commonality among eCommerce sites is that it ignores the other 20%. Every site has something that is totally custom. Mozu approaches this with an API-First architecture that allows access to the codebase. What that means is that the typical achilles’ heel of SaaS systems — flexibility – could be just as good as open source platforms.

Mozu – The Best of Both Worlds?

We’ve yet to build extensively on the platform, so we can’t say yet just how good it’s going to be, but at first glance and after a few weeks of development, Mozu looks be a possible game-changer. It’s going to be really hard to justify an investment in a Hybris or Demandware once people see the combination of power out of the box and customization via API that Mozu can deliver!

If we happened to pique your interest, then click below to download our whitepaper on Mozu!

Echidna Team
Echidna Team
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