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Mozu is a new entrant in the SaaS-based eCommerce platform market, and it’s already making waves with unparalleled flexibility and a highly efficient deployment model. For small to medium-size retailers entering the eCommerce market or expanding an existing presence, SaaS-based models are gaining momentum. Mozu offers an innovative, flexible solution that is built for the future. There are several other enterprise eCommerce platforms, including established players like ATG, Magento Enterprise, Hybris, and Demandware. However, Mozu offers several advantages in key aspects impacting developer time, skill, and effort while building an eCommerce website.
Mozu Technologies


ATG is a hosted solution that provides a high degree of scalability and is well suited for large organizations. It is, however, resource intensive to develop and deploy and is prohibitively expensive for most small and medium-size retailers.

Open source platforms like Magento make eCommerce accessible to all. However, with Magento, it’s challenging to customize the platform enough to create a unique experience for each business, which could be less than ideal for some retailers.

Demandware is a cloud-based platform that offers end-to-end capabilities and provides open commerce APIs for easy integration with third-party providers. However, there are challenges with those integrations and the content management system as a whole. Additionally, many retailers are not comfortable with the unique commercial terms offered by Demandware.

Mozu Technologies

There are several challenges in the new eCommerce marketplace, with the highest priorities being flexibility, the ability to integrate the experience with other applications and social media, and marketing capabilities. With a growing multitude of devices, responsive visual design also becomes key. User experience has taken on strategic importance, many times becoming a differentiating factor in an overly crowded marketplace. Project management and execution has posed its own challenge. With increasing pressure to reduce time and cost, an efficient approach to development is required.

The challenge for developers with any platform is to achieve high quality features, functionality, and user experience, which almost always implies heavy-duty coding and custom development. This, of course, requires time-consuming development work that commercially available platforms originally claimed to avoid. There are solutions emerging from innovative new platform providers that promise to address these challenges.

Mozu offers several advantages that make for an efficient deployment that supports cutting edge functionality and a visually responsive framework for a truly omnichannel experience.

Here are the key advantages that Mozu has over other commerce platforms:


Mozu’s powerful theming engine offers a pre-built SDKs that dramatically reduce the time it takes to develop your eCommerce site. The structure of the open source SDKs offers support for multiple programming languages, making it a breeze to add custom features and extend built-in capabilities to adapt to any type of business requirement. Trained developers will find the level of flexibility empowering.


eCommerce technology is constantly evolving with new and exciting features being introduced to offer a highly engaging online experience. Mozu keeps up with the speed of commerce, constantly innovating and introducing new features that are readily available with no need for any update from the development team. Innovation that is also free of additional development makes it cost effective and ensures retailers are on the cutting edge.


Businesses are under tremendous pressure to get more things done in a shorter time. Mozu understands this and offers unlimited sandbox environments that make it possible for multiple teams to work simultaneously. So while UI developers are busy implementing the user experience, back-end developers can simultaneously work on functional requirements. This capability drastically reduces timelines, delivering websites faster.


With the advent of a large variety of mobile phones and tablets in the market, websites are under pressure to provide a world-class user experience that is also device agnostic. With an in-built responsive framework, Mozu makes it extremely easy for developers to create delightful user experiences for any device or browser.


Websites that offer the best functionality and an engaging user experience depend on a host of interconnected services and technologies. Mozu offers REST APIs that make it extremely easy for developers to build integrations to any third party provider. This not only reduces time and cost, but offers you the flexibility that will make your website a true marketing powerhouse.


Managing multiple sites has never been easier. Mozu provides multi-site management within a single sandbox. This results in a simplified digital experience with centrally managed content, catalog, and brand assets across sites and geographies. Mozu is a fully functional enterprise commerce platform providing global content management, site building, and publishing capabilities.


Mozu’s features are designed to reduce cost, increase productivity, and mitigate business risk. Additionally, pricing is based on actual traffic to the website, making your expenses move in proportion to your business.

With more and more integrations in the market, modern SaaS-based platforms like Mozu commerce are breaking away from the norm by using advanced REST API formats that are extremely easy to integrate with other third-party applications. Built-in responsive frameworks provide a high degree of compatibility for every type of device. Frequent and reliable upgrades bring cutting edge and innovative functionality without additional development. These factors and more make for an easy development and efficient deployment, and a platform that’s a breeze for developers to work with.

Wasim Akram Anwar
Wasim Akram Anwar
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