Impact of Scrolling on Conversion Rates in eCommerce

Users that scroll more are going to convert more.

Well, on tactile devices at least. The French company Content Square recently published an infographic investigating scrolling on eCommerce websites, and it contains some pretty interesting insights (including the ties between scrolling and conversion mentioned above). Other notable points include the following:

  • Today’s user scrolls more than ever before, and consequently, footers are displayed more than in the past
  • Scroll rates tend to vary across different cultures (and naturally, target audiences)
  • There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between scrolling and conversions on desktop

Find the full infographic below, and don’t mind the handful of grammatical errors (but hey, their English is way better than our French, so we can’t complain).
Scrolling Rate and Conversion Rate eCommerce

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Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
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