SEO during Site Redesign & Migration

Maintaining SEO during a site redesign and migration is no small task.

We previously looked at some factors that will affect SEO during a site redesign. As a follow-up to that, here are five steps you can take to mitigate some of the negative effects of the actual site migration.

1. Make your menus, navigation, and content crawlable

2. Set up your redirects correctly

3. Inform search engines of the changes

4. Don’t forget about the basics

5. Measure and analyze your data

For many more details in a handy, printable format, check out our white paper below:
Roshni Isaac
Roshni Isaac
Roshni is passionate about all things analytical: dreaming up different ways of using analytical techniques to improve businesses is what keeps her up at night! She has extensive experience in the field of digital analytics and conversion rate optimization. Feel free to email her with any questions related to analytics and optimization.