How to Be a Good Agency Partner

Agency-client relations aren’t always all rainbows and unicorns.

We have to come clean right from the start: we’re not perfect. We’re human just like our clients, and just like you. But we do think that we have a different way of doing things when it comes to interacting with clients.

Partnership, not management

At Echidna, we believe in partnering with clients, not managing them. A wise man named Dale Carnegie once said,

You will be more successful by being interested in others’ success than by trying to get them interested in your success.

And that’s what we believe. We don’t chase our own success; instead, we work with our clients to drive their success, and it just so happens that in doing so, we find success as well. It’s really a win-win for everyone. And at the end of the day, as we try to be good partners instead of managers

No fluffy stuff

You might be wondering what we’re even talking about with the whole “partnership, not management” thing, or you might just be thinking that it sounds nice but we’re just saying that because it sounds good. And we know exactly where you’re coming from. There are way too many companies out there that talk themselves up undeservedly. But to cut through the fluff of what could be a vague idea, here are some of the principles behind our philosophy of client partnership:

  • effective communication eliminates surprises
  • we’ll fix problems together, regardless of who’s at fault
  • we’ll get to know you — your motivations, goals, how you operate — to form a real relationship
  • we’ll focus on all aspects of your business, and all of your stakeholders’ interests
  • if a deadline is at risk, you can expect honesty and integrity from us
  • neither you nor we will be perfect all the time, but we’ll communicate and identify issues as they come up
  • we’ll be experts on our end, and we’ll respect your expertise and specific industry knowledge
  • we’ll care more about business results than billable hours
Jeff Tietz
Jeff Tietz
Jeff appreciates a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks. In his spare time, he dabbles with his own eCommerce business and enjoys everything outdoors. Feel free to email him with any questions related to client-agency relations.