2014 Holiday eCommerce Recap Statistics Infographic

Some thoughts and an infographic to recap the 2014 holiday eCommerce season.

Looking back on the 2014 holiday season, I had a few thoughts on general trends that took place within the eCommerce world. So here they are (and if you’re just interested in the infographic, just scroll down).
Because of the shorter time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, shoppers were forced to act faster and with a more calculated buying strategy. Related to this were the shipping dilemmas of 2013 (weather delays with FedEx and UPS), which led retailers this year to place more rigid shipping windows to ensure delivery by Christmas. In general, online retailers were able to churn through multiple promotions and taglines to keep consumers’ attention before, during, and after the holiday itself, which was definitely a big win for the industry as a whole.
Speaking of post-Christmas sales, I noticed that several friends decided to forgo gifts on Christmas day to wait and get deals on the 26th. That’s not saying much for the sentiment of the season, but it does say a lot about the willingness of people to shop for deals online. And that actually fits with one of PWC’s findings — around 8% of holiday spending didn’t happen until after Christmas, compared to 5% normally.
We also put together a little infographic highlighting some of the most notable statistics from the holiday 2014 eCommerce season.
Holiday 2014 eCommerce Infographic Statistics

Adam Witbeck
Adam Witbeck
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