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Mobile is more important this holiday season than ever before.

It’s not really a secret that mobile is gaining more and more traction in retail and eCommerce. But here are four huge statistics that will either reinforce your decision to invest in mobile this holiday season, or maybe give you the nudge to make those last-minute adjustments before it’s too late.
(Update: Check out the infographic that accompanies this article!)

One third of online purchases are made on mobile devices

During the 2013 holiday season, 32% of online purchases were completed using mobile devices. You might want to double check your budget allocation and make sure it at least partially reflects that number.

Mobile shoppers convert more on mobile-optimized sites

This one might sound obvious, and it basically is — people are going to convert more on sites that offer friendlier user experiences, especially when it comes to the mobile experience. The statistic pretty much speaks for itself: the conversion rate for smartphone users was found to be 160% higher when the site was optimized for mobile.

Mobile traffic has surpassed traditional desktop traffic

We wrote about this before, but mobile traffic now reigns king in many places. Mobile has already gained the majority of traffic, and its dominance is surely only going to increase.

Mobile usage is increasing every year

This year, the average U.S. American adult has spent nearly 3 hours per day on a mobile device (not including time spent talking on the phone). And, more importantly, it’s growing rapidly — in 2010, the number was just over 20 minutes, so that’s almost a 1000% increase over the course of four years.

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Echidna Team
Echidna Team
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