Signs You Need to Dump Your eCommerce Partner

Business partnerships are obviously important, for a number of reasons.

Two heads are better than one. A partner may help you drive your company’s agenda, achieve your goals, keep you motivated, and help you toward your company’s vision. Those are all basic reasons why people form partnerships in business. Online businesses and eCommerce agency partnerships are really no different; Partnerships are meant to add value, but in a situation where there is no growth, moving on is probably the best option.

So, when do you let go? Well, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but you might want to start looking for a new agency partner if:

…your partner is slacking

eCommerce agency partnerships are made for a reason. eCommerce agencies have a specific role to play in order to ensure efficiency, quality service, delivery or even profitability. It may be that your agency partner is supposed to provide search engine optimization capabilities or ensure that your website gives visitors the best experience on the planet. If they fail to deliver, then let go.

…your partner takes on too much work

This is another type of agency you should be wary of. You, as well as your partner, should not bite off more than you can chew. So, if your agency partner starts getting involved in too many projects at the same time, then it’s time to sit down and chat. You should be able to establish beyond any doubt that new projects do not affect the quality of work they perform for you.

…your partner double dips

A lot of eCommerce companies have similar product offerings and end goals. Therefore, eCommerce agencies might be tempted to double dip when it comes to work they’ve completed for other clients. With online businesses, you might not even be in the same country, so this problem may be hard to spot. However, if they exist, your partnership definitely needs to be re-evaluated.

…your partner hesitates to make decisions

eCommerce, like any other realm of business, requires that partners make certain decisions independently, based on sound judgment. If your eCommerce agency partner constantly puts the burden of decision making on you, not only will that slow down your project, but it will cause the partnership to become very one-sided.

… your partner lacks consistent production

Generally, agencies are highly motivated at the onset of a project. Unfortunately, though, this energy tends to dissipate as the project goes on, and work proceeds more slowly. But, as the project deadline approaches, your partner will frantically rush to complete the remaining work. The end result in such a situation is a lower quality of work and potentially higher cost, if the project drags on longer than planned or budgeted for.

Echidna Team
Echidna Team
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