eCommerce Mistakes

Your eCommerce business would do well to avoid these common pitfalls.

Running an eCommerce site is no easy business, and with all the time and energy you put into it, it would be a shame to let some simple mistakes hinder your business. Here’s are five common mistakes that you need to watch out for.

Pricing gaffes

Make sure the price you’ve set is actually the price you want. Basically, you’re going to want to have the decimal in the right place. It might sound elementary, but it’s a common mistake, and it’s a lose-lose situation. Either you’ll lose a lot of money when your customer is getting a $100 item for $10, or your customer’s going to be upset when you refuse to fulfill the order due to the pricing mistake (or, if the price displayed is too high rather than too low, sales of the product will suffer).

Incorrect sale windows

Let’s say you’re having a sale and you advertise it on your homepage. But let’s say that you also mistyped the date. So on your end, you set everything up to run the sale through the weekend, but some customers think it’s going through Monday. You can bet that there will be at least a handful of unhappy customers on Monday when they don’t get the sale price, which means you’ll probably have to extend more discounts, costing you extra lost revenue.

Non-existent contact information

It’s not uncommon for small to mid-size businesses to have a simple contact form on their eCommerce site. That’s great — but it’s not a complete solution. A customer can submit an inquiry via a form like that, and they have no idea if it ever actually goes anywhere or just disappears into cyberspace. You should at least include a phone number or email address, and ideally both.

Invalid contact information

Just as bad as having no contact information is having incorrect info. Make sure any phone numbers or email addresses you have listed are fully correct and without typos. And it’s common sense, but definitely only use numbers and email addresses that you actually check on a regular basis.

Dead or incorrect links

Double check that your links actually lead to the right locations. If they navigate the user to the wrong page or a 404 error page, chances are that the customer has no way of finding the page for the product they were trying to look at and potentially buy.
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Adam Witbeck
Adam Witbeck
Adam's background includes ten years of technical sales experience. For some reason, he also happens to be obsessed with customer satisfaction and rapid response time. Feel free to email him with any questions.