Facebook & Fashion Strategy

Fashion and Facebook were made for each other.

With the fast-paced nature of fashion, the speed and agility that Facebook offers can be super beneficial from a content perspective. But how do you know what your content should look like? We’ll take a look at some top names in fashion and fashion retail and glean some tips from their various approaches.

Share photos highlighting different collections

H&M Facebook Photo
Sometimes, you just have to let the products speak for themselves — and photography is especially good at showcasing styles. H&M excels at utilizing its Facebook page to share pictures of clothing items and collections. While models are occasionally featured donning the articles of clothing, H&M usually likes to keep the focus solely on the clothes.

Create video content to showcase fashion items and accessories

Michael Kors Facebook Video
You’ve probably heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And you’ve probably also heard it said that if that’s the case, then a video is worth a million words. While that phrase is more than a little clich√©, video certainly takes visual media one step further than photographs, and at the core, a video is typically going to be more engaging than a picture. Michael Kors consistently puts out videos that showcase its products as well as the general lifestyle of typical Michael Kors customers.

Utilize hashtags for campaigns

Forever 21 Facebook Hashtag

Yes, we’re talking about Facebook and not Twitter, but hashtags work on both platforms. They increase discoverability, as more people can find your posts through hashtags, as well as shareability, as some people will want to join in on the hashtag-fest by posting content updates with your hashtag. Look at Forever 21‘s Facebook page to see some examples of this done consistently well.

Focus on the fashion

Louis Vuitton High Fashion Facebook

While photographs, videos, and hashtags are all great, Louis Vuitton does a great job of leveraging different types of media to convey a sense of high-fashion, with a heavy emphasis on runway models and everything surrounding that. This can be especially beneficial for certain types of customers who might be more in love with the idea of fashion than with any specific type of fashion accessory.

Dave Haase
Dave Haase
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