YouTube & Fashion Brands eCommerce

YouTube can be a great tool for fashion companies.

When properly utilized, YouTube has the capability to boost a fashion brand’s bottom line. With that said, it’s not always easy to know where to jump in. Below are three simple ways that have been proven to create effective YouTube content.

Make tutorials/how-to videos

In general, customers are going to really appreciate truly useful content. Tutorials and how-to videos can definitely fall under that category if done right. The worst case scenario is that your brand will simply be viewed more favorably and kept top-of-mind for the consumers who watch your videos, and at best, you’ll convert some of them and increase sales of products that are featured in the videos.

Example: L’Oreal Paris and its “Destination Beauty” channel. Oh and by the way, 70% of beauty product purchasers said that YouTube videos, especially how-tos and product visualizations, have an influence on their purchase decisions, according to Google.

Partner with YouTube personalities

Establishing and growing a YouTube presence can be a long process. Sometimes, though, you might be able to just leverage an existing YouTube channel to promote your products or brand instead of trying to create your own from scratch. There are quite a few YouTube stars with loyal followings, and it just so happens that some of those followings might fit your target market/s quite nicely.

Example: Aéropostale partnered with Bethany Mota, as discussed in our previous blog article, and saw some pretty sweet results.

Craft videos around your brand rather than your products

Some people are more into the aura surrounding your brand than the products themselves. To capitalize on these emotional connections to your brand, you can just create videos that emphasize everything around your brand. This could take a variety of forms, but oftentimes the products will only be featured and not even called out. Check out the example to see what we mean.

Example: The North Face, while not exactly a traditional fashion brand, cultivates a large customer base that is loyal to the logo and the lifestyle that accompanies it. They’ve created a number of YouTube videos to take advantage of that fact.

Adam Witbeck
Adam Witbeck
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