Kim Kardashian eCommerce

Kim Kardashian might not be an eCommerce expert, but she can still teach us a thing or two about it.

In case you hadn’t heard, her recent mobile app has been doing pretty well. So well, in fact, that it’s caused some people to take notice of something other than her relationship with Mr. West. Inspired by this article that discussed three communication lessons to learn from Kimmy K., we felt like the same principles also apply exceptionally well to eCommerce. So let’s dive into it.

Branding is a big deal

eCommerce experiences need to deeply immerse the user in your brand. When someone’s shopping on your site, is your brand being reinforced and developed? If not, it’s going to be hard to retain customers or build relationships with them beyond the transactional level. Kim Kardashian’s game doesn’t stand out among thousands due to its quality as a game as much as because of the brand behind it. If her game can be successfully propped up pretty much solely by branding, then think about how much more your store can/will benefit from branding (assuming you do have a solid product/service to sell).

Make it fun

The best stores — whether physical or digital — provide more than simply a place to perform a transaction. The best stores creatively and uniquely weave some element of fun into the experience. This is going to look different for different stores — after all, some products and services are inherently more interesting than others. But if you can find ways to break online shopping norms, spice things up, and make it more fun for your users, then you’ll be able to provide a much more compelling shopping experience.

Keep it simple

Often hailed as the Golden Rule of eCommerce, you just have to keep it simple. We may or may not have just made that up, but it’s definitely true. When it comes to the user experience, simpler is almost always better. Make the shopping experience as seamless as possible, with as little friction as possible. For example, don’t force your users through meaningless or unnecessary clicks, pages, animations, or anything that detracts from the simple act of shopping. Your conversion rates will thank you.

Dave Haase
Dave Haase
Don't let his Stanford MBA fool you -- at heart, Dave's a real Indiana boy, and from time to time you can find him off-roading in his Jeep with his wife and kids. Feel free to email him with any questions related to eCommerce.