At Echidna, we love doing what we do in terms of eCommerce-related work. But, we also love engaging with the community and hopefully making a positive impact in the process.

This summer, we had the opportunity to help some kids in their dreams of playing baseball by sponsoring a little league team’s season. With our financial support, the team was even able to hit a tournament in Cooperstown this August (if you didn’t know already, Cooperstown is home to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, so it was pretty cool that the kids were able to play there).

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Here’s a brief recap sent by the team:

The Tournament took place last week and we wanted to provide you an update.
The Cooperstown Dreams Park facilities were immaculate, amazing and beyond our comprehension and expectation. The personnel and service were outstanding. We have some very impressive baseball facilities in South Florida, but they do not compare to the Cooperstown Dreams Park…
The Cooperstown Dreams Park included acre upon acre of manicured lawns in a valley, with the backdrop of the surrounding mountains.
The Tournament consisted of one hundred and four (104) competing teams from all over the US, each with a roster of approximately fourteen (14) players per team, for a total of ~fifteen hundred (1,500) players competing for their commemorative rings.

One standout item that caught our attention were the number of “Man Children” playing for many of the teams; kids that were between six (6’) feet and six feet two inches (6’2”) tall, who probably would tip the scales at two hundred (200) to two hundred twenty five (225) pounds. These kids hit home runs that traveled three hundred (300) feet.

The Lightning players had an experience that they will never forget; probably for many of the team members a once in a life time experience, including their parents, sisters, brothers and grandparents.
The Lightning experience was made possible by you. We thank you for your assistance and generosity. It is much appreciated by all involved.
Thank you again for making it happen for the Lightning!

And just so you know, we’re not trying to toot our own horn or say “Hey, look at us!” or anything like that. We just want everyone to know that behind the magic of Echidna lies a team of people just like you. Unless you’re a stingy old miser — then we might not be exactly like you.

If you’re interested in more details about the team, check out their website here.

Echidna Team
Echidna Team
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