Digital advertising beats traditional advertising

The landscape of media buying has changed.

It’s no longer about blindly buying a block of ads. Paid media of the past was executed by negotiating the best annual contract for television, radio, outdoor or display ads. But with the fairly recent (in the grand scheme of things) emergence of paid search, mobile display, mobile search, and social media advertising, paid media today is about selecting the right mix for the right audience within the right budget. One of the biggest challenges for marketers and media planners is the siloed approach that often separates traditional and digital advertising. In today’s market, though, it is imperative to have an integrated strategy with consistent branding and messaging throughout. Your traditional advertising should carry through to your digital advertising call-to-actions. A comprehensive media strategy is needed to ensure brand integrity and to maximize your advertising spend.

A changing landscape

As with any paid media, the digital advertising landscape has changed significantly over the recent years, and it presents its own unique challenges. It is a fast-paced environment with little long-term planning for most companies. New technologies and platforms are constantly emerging, and established platforms are constantly changing ways in which they advertise to users. There is also a shift from the old division of mobile apps and desktop websites to a new breed of website that is responsive across all devices.

What you can do with digital advertising

Digital advertising allows marketers and advertisers to do much more than was ever possible with only traditional advertising. For example, digital advertising allows you to:

  • Evaluate seasonality and ramp up campaigns for holiday or specific campaigns
  • Execute timely branding and call-to-actions that weren’t previously available
  • Zero in on potential buyers and influencers by selecting target demographics and keywords
  • Create multiple pilot advertising campaigns to test out a new product or market and move forward
  • with the highest performing ad based on the data
  • Pivot or adjust your ad midway through a campaign if it is underperforming
  • Accrue very deep analytics data through reporting available on click-throughs, unique visitors, and impressions

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Sara Marino
Sara Marino
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