Effectiveness of Content Marketing 2014

How effective was content marketing in 2014?

There were a number of disgruntled readers after our last post claimed that content marketing might not work for every company out there (update: we’ve subsequently taken down that post). The word “data” was thrown around quite a bit — specifically, a lack of data that would support our claim that content marketing might not be as effective as it once was.

This is designed to try to fix that. We’re looking to accumulate data from you and any other marketers you know on the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts in 2014. Before you weigh in, though, a few notes:

  • We’re not trying to prove that we’re right — in fact, we might be wrong. We just want to gather data to better understand the current state of content marketing.
  • You might be thinking that this poll isn’t exactly scientific. And you would be right; it’s a very simple poll. Still, it could reveal some valuable insights.
  • We’re talking traditional content marketing here (e.g., CTAs, landing pages, downloadable resources, etc.).
  • Due to the nature of a poll, your answer is obviously a bit subjective. But when we say effectiveness, we’re talking about the generation of genuinely high-quality leads for your company.

Have at it, and feel free to share the poll with fellow marketers — the more input, the better.
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Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
Luke once aspired to be a zoologist and first read of the elusive echidna when he was just a young boy. Feel free to email him with any questions related to marketing.