Best Times for Social Media Posts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus

Ever wonder if your social media posts are actually having an impact?

Well, wonder no more — this infographic from Quicksprout can shed some light on the issue and help you know when to post on various social media channels (and also, when not to).

And in case you don’t want to scroll through the entire infographic, here’s some of the key info summarized:


Best times to post: Thursday and Friday between 9am-7pm
Worst times to post: Monday through Wednesday
For shares, aim for 1pm. For clicks, aim for 3pm.


Best times to tweet for B2B: Weekdays
Best times to tweet for B2C: Weekends
For retweets, aim for 5pm. For clicks, aim for 12pm or 6pm.


Best times to post: Tuesdays between 10am-11am
Great for B2B, aim for business days during work hours


Best time to pin: Saturdays between 8pm-11pm
For fashion and retail, pin on Fridays at 3pm


Best time to post: Mondays during off-hours
Fairly consistent, just a slight spike on Mondays


Best times to post: weekdays between 9am-11am

Best Times to Post to Social Media Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Google Plus

Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
Luke once aspired to be a zoologist and first read of the elusive echidna when he was just a young boy. Feel free to email him with any questions related to marketing.