How to Avoid Marketing Silos

A lot of companies tend to silo their marketing and digital efforts.

The problems with marketing in silos

We commonly see two major problems that result from siloing:

1. Lack of consistent branding and messaging

Your traditional advertising should tell your story across your website, social media, and any other digital platforms in a consistent manner. This is easy in theory, but when you have separate teams for your website, your social media, and any number of other digital channels, the story can easily become convoluted and muddled. As they say, “Too many cooks in the marketing kitchen ruin the branding and messaging.” Or, something like that.

2. Redesigns and replatforms are under-realized

If you’re redesigning or replatforming your website while your marketing teams are operating in silos, then chances are pretty high that SEO, analytics, and marketing will be secondhand citizens behind the design and development — simply put, they won’t be included in many aspects of the project. The thought goes something like this: we have a new, shiny, better-functioning website, so won’t that magically bring more customers? Sadly, it doesn’t work that way — you need to have an SEO strategy. And you need to measure the effectiveness of that strategy with thorough analytics. And you’re definitely going to have to plan and execute on your marketing.
When making a website change, you need to have a digital marketing plan in place. There needs to be strategy and messaging in place prior to releasing the new site. Ultimately, you need to answer the question of how you’re going to drive and convert traffic.

How to fix the issue of siloing

The solution for siloing is actually a rather simple one. Well, simple in concept, but often tough to realize — communication. Most divisions within a company don’t speak to each other or don’t do so very often, so how can they expect to have an overall strategy with consistent branding and messaging in such a situation? The very core of siloing is simply a lack of communication between different groups, so by increasing communication, many of the dangers of silos can be avoided. This entails communication before, during, and outside of projects.

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Sara Marino
Sara Marino
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