Announcing Tap, platform for a connected retail experience from Echidna

Echidna and Tap are partnering to revolutionize the physical retail experience.

Echidna is excited to announce that it will be the exclusive implementation partner for Tap, an innovative platform for in-store digital shopping that aims to revolutionize the way consumers shop in brick-and-mortar stores.
“We are excited to enter into this partnership with Tap,” said Adam Roozen, CEO of Echidna. “Retailers across the globe are looking for innovative solutions to bring a meaningful digital experience into the physical store, and TAP is an ideal solution.”

Retailers across the globe are looking for innovative solutions to bring a meaningful digital experience into the physical store.

The physical retail ecosystem has become stagnant

Physical retail is far from the death that some predicted would follow the tremendous growth of the internet and other technologies. Really, these things have only strengthened physical retail’s strong position as an integral part of the shopping experience — 30% of consumers visited physical stores more often this past year than the year before. But physical retail has become stagnant: 34% of shoppers said that stores need more improvement than retailers’ websites. Essentially, the physical store is currently a weak link in the retail shopping experience.

Shoppers have been left wanting many things that the majority of physical retail isn’t offering yet. Shoppers want the ability to order out-of-stock items in-store, but less than half of retailers have enabled their associates to assist with that problem. 48% of shoppers want to receive promotions in real-time, but a mere 5% of retailers deliver such an experience. Similarly, 64% of consumers want to have a personalized in-store shopping experience that taps into their past behavior.

Retailers themselves are unsatisfied with the experiences they can offer — 61% of retail store managers feel that their customers are more connected and better able to access product information than their store associates. A whopping 64% of shoppers use their own mobile devices in-store to research products. And 47% of shoppers indicated that they had better experiences when store associates used technology (such as tablets) to assist with product information.

echidna_logo_regular_2 Retail has rapidly advanced in the digital space as companies have invested in eCommerce. But the physical aspect of retail — brick-and-mortar — has been largely neglected as a result. Shoppers want better in-store experiences, and retailers recognize the need for an enhanced in-store shopping experience.

This is where Tap comes in

Tap addresses shoppers’ needs and wants in the physical retail environment, affords store associates vast amounts of information about the products they sell, and enables retailers to craft truly satisfying in-store experiences that customers have come to expect. Through a multi-faceted application ecosystem spanning mobile devices, tablets, and kiosks, Tap will provide a connected retail experience to assist consumers, enable sales associates, and empower retailers.

Assistive consumer application

At-home shopping planner: Customers are able to browse and explore product information at home, see personalized recommendations and promotions, and create one or many shopping lists before ever setting foot in a store. Customers can also set up appointments with store associates with the app.
Self-service in-store: Tap maps the products in the customer’s shopping list/cart onto the store layout, giving in-store navigational assistance and relevant coupons, along with personalized and proximity offers.
The app also allows for product research with rich content and reviews, and it gives access to virtual inventory if a product is out of stock in-store.
Self-checkout in-store: If customers need help, they can call for customer assistance through the consumer application. Or, if no help is needed, customers can simply checkout on their own. If the store a customer is in doesn’t have certain items in-stock, cross-store and cross-channel order placement ensures that the customer is still able to purchase everything on the shopping list.

Assistive sales application

Product advisor: The product advisor informs store associates with rich product information, in-store promotions and offers, and shows the best contextual offers based on individual customers’ carts and shopping history.
Intelligent customer assistance: Store associates are given access to deep insights on customers’ shopping behavior and expectations.
Checkout assistance: When necessary, associates are empowered to checkout on behalf of customers, also enabling associates to assist customers in picking up order placed from other stores.

Operational empowerment application

Virtual shelf: The virtual shelf feature in Tap allows the retailer to sell across channels and stores.
Location-based advertising: The retailer is given the ability to promote brands and products to specific customers based on their in-store locations.
Operational empowerment: Tap is the store manager’s retail dashboard. Many tools are included to help the store manager run the store more efficiently, and the app motivates and empowers store associates to help customers.

An experience enabled by a custom tablet
In case you’re thinking that everything above sounds amazing but you don’t know how it’s possible, here’s how: customers can use their own mobile devices, but much of Tap’s advanced functionality is further enabled by a custom in-store shopping tablet, which includes the following features:

  • an integrated 2D barcode scanner
  • a built-in magnetic stripe reader
  • a built-in EMV chip card reader
  • NFC and BLE support
The result? Each retail player wins with Tap:

Tap helps consumers shop smarter.

Tap helps store managers become more efficient.

Tap helps the sales team sell smarter.

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