Amazon Rolls Out New Goat Services Amazon Home Services

Amazon is expanding into new territory.

While most people might know Amazon as that online bookstore that’s threatening to take out Borders and Barnes & Noble, it turns out they’re actually up to quite a bit more than that these days.

”Amazon Home Services”

In all seriousness, the eCommerce giant is taking a step in a fairly new direction, as it just revealed its newest offering — Amazon Home Services. From what we can tell, it looks like Amazon Home Services is basically going to take local service providers and connect them with Amazon’s ridiculously large customer base. According to the company, “Amazon Home Services is a new and simple way to buy and schedule professional services such as furniture assembly, house cleaning, and lawn care directly on Amazon.”

The range of services spans across the following categories:

Home Improvement
Lawn and Garden
Computer and Electronics
Other Services

What is “Other Services,” you ask? Well, it appears to be a hodgepodge of somewhat obscure (but quite interesting) services. Our favorites from that category so far include goat grazing and silk aerialists for hire, although one could make the argument that goat grazing belongs under “Lawn and Garden” instead.
To start out, Amazon Home Services is going be strongest in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Most other major metropolitan areas will have decent numbers of available services to begin, and Amazon plans to increase the coverage of Amazon Home Services to all areas of the United States eventually.

No special subscription is required to utilize the services, and all of the service professionals in Amazon’s network will have undergone background checks and have insurance and licensing as applicable. Another notable point is that Amazon will offer price matching of services from other providers locally.

Amazon stirring it up elsewhere?

Amazon Home Services isn’t the only thing to create some buzz around Amazon lately. The company apparently isn’t content to stay the low-price retailer in the eCommerce space — just last week, it was reportedly in talks with Net-a-Porter to acquire the luxury retailer (which it later denied).
While the status of that story is unknown, it does seem like Amazon is looking to move in some new directions as a company. It’ll be interesting to see where that takes the company next — we just hope there are more goats in the future.

Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
Luke once aspired to be a zoologist and first read of the elusive echidna when he was just a young boy. Feel free to email him with any questions related to marketing.