SaaS eCommerce Platforms

For more and more companies, SaaS is where it’s at when it comes to eCommerce.

While SaaS eCommerce solutions have been gaining a lot of popularity with smaller shops, many large companies have still been relying on eCommerce platforms that require the company to figure out hosting. But SaaS isn’t just for the little guys anymore — companies with enterprise-level eCommerce needs now have several SaaS options. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider an SaaS eCommerce platform, even for your enterprise needs:

Low implementation costs

The software is already set up and hosted on a central server, and while there may be some custom development that needs to be done in order to fit your specific business needs, the core functionality is all built in out of the box, and the custom development is likely going to be significantly less costly than setting an entire system that you have to host yourself.

SaaS is easily scalable

With the subscription-based model that SaaS providers offer, you only pay for what you need. If your needs change, you can easily scale the system up. With traditional software, you’d likely have to rework and retool a good number of different aspects of the system. With SaaS, it’s more comparable to flipping a switch — if you need more, you pay more, and you get more.

The cloud is the way of the future

Everything’s moving to the cloud, and for the most part, it just makes sense. Setting up and maintaining internal servers can quickly become costly, and unless your company is already in the server business, it’s probably going to be much more efficient to outsource that to companies that specialize in servers. That will ultimately let your company focus on the activities that it does best.

You probably already use SaaS in other areas of your business and life

Does your company use Adobe Creative Cloud? Microsoft Office 365? The list could go on, but chances are that your company already utilizes SaaS for at least one area of operations. And more broadly, you probably interact with “the cloud” countless times on any given day (e.g., Dropbox, Spotify, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.). So really, it makes perfect sense that an eCommerce platform solution would be next on the list of cloud-based services to be practical, efficient, and affordable enough to hit the mainstream.

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Echidna Team
Echidna Team
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